Muro: The Curing Box

Muro is a high humidity curing box for kintsugi. The character for muro (室) means greenhouse or cellar. But muro (ムロ) also means a closed room that protects bonsai plants in the winter and prevents their pots from cracking. It’s meant to be ventilated during the daytime, which I’m taking as a cue to ventilate… Continue reading Muro: The Curing Box


This is the second article in my Kintsugi research series. For the overview, visit Kintsugi 101. Read on for instructions on how to join broken ceramic pieces together. For my first project repairing a cracked bowl, I am using the following recipe for mugi-urushi: 4 parts mochi rice flour 1 part white wheat flour water… Continue reading Mugi-Urushi