About this space

This is my space, sort of like MySpace but with a space in between. It’s!

This space is built following the principles of the handmade web, digital gardening, privacy, the green web, and the small web. By publishing Markdown notes written in Obsidian, I’m able to edit all my notes at once, create references, backlinks, and see a graph of ideas grow.

Because of the ease of publishing, this space will encompass everything from fleeting thoughts to case studies on recent work. Anything that requires me to write with an open mindset will be published here and edited whenever I feel like it.

You’ll notice that each note lists date last updated instead of created. But they are not sorted in chronological order. Instead, you will navigate this site through backlinks and links to other notes, traversing my thoughts in a relational way similar to how my mind works.

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Garden Terms

Inspired by Shawn Wang, here is a disclaimer on the content I write in this digital garden.

Here are some quotes that inspire me:

A garden doesn’t shout into the void. It stays put and complexifies. It quietly grows.

- Max Anton Brewer

A garden can create ‘finished products’ but not immediately, and not without showing the in-between steps first.

- Charlie Trochlil

Privacy Policy

This site has no ads, cookies, or third party hosted tracking scripts. Limited analytics collected through open-source and privacy respecting software called Matomo from my other domain Personally identifiable information is not collected or shared with anyone else. There are no user accounts and IP addresses are anonymized.

Both and are hosted by Krystal UK, which is GDPR compliant.

I may sometimes include affiliate links or promo codes for companies I really like. I will always disclose exactly which links are affiliated. My goal is to ensure that your personal data is not tracked for advertising purposes without your explicit consent, so these affiliate links will be easily avoidable.

If you sign up for the email newsletter, your email address will be stored with Buttondown. To protect your privacy, email tracking is disabled. Read more about Buttondown’s privacy standards in my post From Mailchimp to Buttondown.


All content and photographs, unless otherwise stated, were created by and © Megumi. For usage permission, please email me.

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Here are all the notes in this garden, along with their links, visualized as a graph.